During the warm season, most people who own a yard, can find countless ways of relaxing themselves outdoors. Caring for the garden is one of the most relaxing and productive activities. However, during the cold season, it becomes a lot harder to have a nice time outdoors. Well, things don’t have to be that way. By purchasing an infrared heater, you can spend quality time on your patio, without being troubled by the cold weather. Today, we are going to talk about the main types of infrared heaters.

Enjoy Your Patio During the Cold Season Picture Enjoy Your Patio During the Cold Season Picture
  • High intensity luminous heaters

This type of infrared heaters are gas-fired and they produce heat by emitting a large concentration of infrared radiation. In order to function properly, they need to be used in a ventilated area. If your patio is very big and has high ceiling, you might need an infrared space heater. If you are not dealing with a very large space, you can acquire a classic infrared patio heater which can be used both for the outdoors as well as for the indoors.If you live in an area where gas in unavailable, you can use an electric infrared heater, which produces heat by running electric current through a high resistance fixture.

  • Low intensity infrared heaters

This type of heaters use radiant tubes in order to produce and emit heat. They can work with various systems such as: a forced draft system, a draft induced system or a multiple burner vacuum system. Generally, these systems are not very efficient for outdoor patios.

  • Advantages of infrared heaters

Unlike other heaters, infrared models are quiet, cheap and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they require little maintenance and they are visually pleasant. However, they can sometimes turn into safe hazards so it is best if you don’t leave it on when you are not at home. Furthermore, keep it in a place where children cannot reach it in order to avoid possible injuries. Families with children might be interested in some wall mounted infrared heaters. Electric infrared heaters are ideal for most spaces, and some can even be partially charged with sunlight, so you can use them for the outdoors, on your patio and terrace. If you are unfamiliar with this types of heaters, you should check out an infrared heater reviews website.

  • Greenhouses and indoor gardens

Electric infrared heaters can be a great way of keeping your plants warm during the cold winter months. Whether you have an indoor garden or a greenhouse, you will find infrared heating systems to be very efficient. However, make sure to connect them to a thermostat in order to keep the temperature under control. Furthermore, if you feel that the indoor air is too dry, you might also want to use the heater while also using a humidifier.

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