Eating properly has become a priority in every family, regardless of age, salary or gender. In order to keep up with the new, there are some easy and cheap ways of getting those results, such as growing some of them in your own garden. Still, if you decide to pick them up whenever you want, there are some things which ought to be taken into consideration, no matter what. Here are some tips to help you know how to grow asparagus:

How to grow asparagus How to grow asparagus pictures

First thing you need to know about this magnificent vegetable is the place where you are going to plant it. Choose a site where they can’t be disturbed, so that you may find them growing even after 10 or 15 years! Also, be sure it is partial or in full sun, in a soil that has a pH set between 6.5 and 7.0, rich in potassium and phosphorus. When the place is decided, planting can be done only in the periods of early spring, when the soil temperature has reached at least 50 degrees F. When all is set and the moment has come, start digging a deep of about 7 inches, V-shaped furrow. After that, pay some attention and spread on them a handful of wood ashes, one of bone meal and then an inch layer of comport or well-rotted manure.

Moving on to the next step from the process of how to grow asparagus, we meet the watering part. As you know, all plants need water, still in different amounts. Asparagus usually need to be watered with one or two inches only after the first planting. The rest of water they will get from the waterfall, so it seems asparagus doesn’t need special attention. Still, for a hundred percent healthy asparagus, be sure to remove any damaged leaves. Also, harvesting them and keeping them apart from any insects which may try your vegetables before you get to pick them up.

Having said that, there’s no wonder why the process of how to grow asparagus can be followed even by a beginner! All you need is a place full of light where you can easily start planting your own vegetables. If you are still looking for some other good reasons for growing asparagus in your garden, then try going to the closest nursery where the sellers can give you both reasons and instructions for getting a perfect result.

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