If you are one of those people who have nothing to do and just feel bored, we suggest you to take a look on this article that is going to teach you how to grow bamboo. It is simple and it doesn’t take too much time, mainly if you respect our guidelines accordingly. And you should know that with bamboo you will add more interest to your garden design in making it look more modern and eye-catching. Let’s start with the placement and the spacing section. You need to look for a place that offers to your bamboo over 5 hours of sun and enough light to help it grow up. Of course, you are free to choose that place wherever you want, there are no strict rules, but make sure the plan has enough sunlight.

How to grow bamboo How to grow bamboo pictures

The next guideline we offer you is to make sure the bamboo has enough water and fertilizers and there are no weeds that could steal its organic substances. As far as the amount of sun is concerned, there are some species like Fargesias and Thamnocalamus the prefer moderate shades and this happens during the highest temperatures of the day. The two species mentioned above do not spread easily and this is why they are called hardy bamboos. Their rhizomes have no problem in giving birth to new bamboos, so you do not have to worry about their place and overspreading.

In order to control the process of overspreading if you really want to know how to grow bamboo without having any unpleasant surprises, you should do the pruning every year. In this way you will keep the harvest under control and your bamboo will grow in a healthy manner.

As far as the screen is concerned, you should keep a distance of 4 feet between the seeds. In case you are interested in species that use to spread more quickly, you could keep a bigger distance between them, so that the screen will not be full of bamboos so fast and you garden decorations will not hurt. It will take some time until the bamboos will grow high enough. The period of time will vary between five and seven years and their height in every year will be of almost two feet in the case of Clumping bamboo. On the other hand, there are species that grow a lot more every year, like five feet.

You will need soil with organic material that could give the bamboo the necessary nutrients. After having followed up these steps you can feel happy to say that you have learned how to grow bamboo.

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