Condiments and spices have a more important role in our history and development than we may realize; lots of European countries are today proud of their exquisite and fine cuisines, but in many cases, this is thanks to the strong industry of transporting them overseas. Empires like those of England, France, Spain or Portugal made a lot of money by trading in spices, from teas to powders and plants. Nowadays we find it natural to have saffron or vanilla in our spice racks, but hundreds of years ago, they were only known and used where they grew. Therefore, we should learn to be more appreciate of condiments, and how much tastier they make our foods and drinks. You can even grow your own, outdoors or indoors, and enjoy their fresh flavors, which are much more intense. Today, we teach you how to grow basil, a very basic and indispensable condiment.

How to grow basil How to grow basil pictures

Basil is a very adaptable plant, especially to the conditions meet when it is raised in the house – in this case, in a block of flats. This way, you will be able to have fresh basil all over the year, not to mention the money you will save by taking it up as a routine. Still, one thing you ought to know is the fact that basil is a very sensitive plant especially to cold and wet, so we recommend it to be grown it in a warm and dry for the outcome to be expected. No one wishes to do a pro-bono work in this category, so you should better keep an eye on the very one of the steps and tips we have prepared for you.

Next, after plating the basil you can now place the pot near the window, or any near heat source for your beauty. It is known that if they are grown happily, your vegetables, fruits or plants will get the outcome expected or even more. Many of those of you who grow herbs at home usually are in the known of a tip that helps growing, which is to put the pot with the basil plants on the window sill, near to any heat source, still not to reach a too high temperature. By this way, you will get the outcome expected from the entire process of how to grow basil all year long!

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