Growing your own vegetables used to be one of the most important endeavors in a person’s life; with industrialization however, society transformed and supermarkets appeared. This was very convenient because people were busier and busier, with long-hour jobs, and lacking the time to grow and cook for themselves. The basis of capitalism is the specialization of services, but we need to take other things into account as well, such as global warming and the increasing of the planet’s population. It is easy to draw conclusions starting with this data, and we can already see a future when more and more people return to their farming roots. The future won’t catch you by surprise if you can grow your own vegetables. Today, we will show you how to grow carrots.

How to grow carrots How to grow carrots pictures

It is worldwide know the advantages of eating those vegetables and, as your mother said, carrots were, are and will always be good for you. Besides the fact that they are full of fiber and vitamins, they are also some beautiful vegetables, due to the fact that the leaves can be easily used for decorative and creative purposes. The carrots are usually found and grown in the cool season.

The first thing you are ought to know before the entire process of how to grow carrots is the place in which the vegetables will be grown. Be sure you select a place that has direct sun lights, because your carrots will tolerate only the light shade and in addition they will grow as well! On the other hand, the soil should be slightly acidic, which means it should have a pH placed somewhere between 5.8 and 6.8. After that, the next step covers the digging process. Don’t forget to dig to a depth of at least 30 cm and then to remove all of the debris and perhaps the stones you may find, due to the fact that even the small branches can affect the carrot top, not a thing that will make your process of how to grow carrots worth the work. Instead of it, it will grow as being deviated.

The last and the most important tip we got for you is to add organic matter to increase the capacity of maintaining the soil moisture. These being said, the choice is all yours – so, what should it be?

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