Nowadays, being a good wife seems to be the key in a marriage. Whether we are talking about the art of cooking or how to spice up your relationship a little bit, the condiments are known to be the ones to get the taste in every meal. Still, since they are not as cheap as we may like them to be, there are some little tricks that we can use in order to save some money. Not only that, but fresh herbs are much more aromatic than already bagged ones you find in stores, so your meals will be twice as tasty and good. Thus, in case you are looking for a way to grow and store one of the most used condiments of all time, be sure to stick with us and keep reading:

How to grow cilantro How to grow cilantro pictures

Have you ever thought of how to grow cilantro? For years now, cilantro has been known as one of the most important and useful condiments in every kitchen. That being said, there are so many advantages to growing it on your own! Just imagine how it would feel to have it at your disposal every time you need to spice up some of your meals, just amazing! So, in order to make it happen, stick with us and keep reading some of the steps you should follow to learn how to grow cilantro om your own!

The first thing that should be known by everyone who wishes to learn how to grow cilantro at home, in a pot or in the garden, is that as a plant, it grows really fast. Still, in case you wish to have fresh leaves every time, the best way to keep them as tasty as ever is to put some new seeds every two weeks. By the time your leaves will grow, you can already use the ones before! In addition, due to the fact that the seeds are really small, you should better mix them with some soil in order to get them to a uniform mixture. Then, all you need to do is place them somewhere with access to sunlight, and water them about every two days.

When the plant has a height of 6 to 10 centimeters, you can start cutting the leaves and use them in your food. By this way, your meals will completely transform, turning you from a common cooker to a real chef! That being said, there’s no doubt why cilantro ought to be grown in every home!

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