Leeks are one of the aliments everyone has eaten at least once and as a result, one should never give up to them. Particularly, if you have the opportunity to learn how to grow leeks and you already have the right space to plant them, you should give it a try.

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This vegetable is specific to the climates that are not too warm and one of its main advantages is the fact that growing this is not a difficult task. Apart from it, you will notice how useful it will prove for you are your family, mainly when you will feel its natural and ecological taste.

The bulb of the leek is what we actually eat and is simply delicious. It is not only fresh, but it tastes amazing. It is true you can find it in supermarkets, placed into casseroles and special boxes. However, when you eat the leek directly from your garden, you will feel more satisfied with your work.

It is great to add in soups, because it has a high amount of vitamin A and it offers to your body the nutrients it needs. Just like onion, leek is part of the same family, but it seems to have more advantages for the one who wants to plant it in his garden. The reason I say it is the fact they are able to grow in almost any type of soil. The only rule you have to respect is the amount of water that should not be too big. Here is what you must learn about how to grow leeks.

According to the varieties you have chosen to grow, you can let the leeks into the ground until the spring comes again. It means there is no problem if you wait for the winter to go, while the seeds are under the ground. It is said that if you have leeks ready to be picked during autumn, your harvest will be one of the most profitable one.

This vegetable is resistant to many kinds of soil, but among all they prefer the ones with a lot of light and moist. Pay attention to the time that has passed since you last manured the soil, because a too rich soil will be harmful to the harvest. It is true the compost is useful for the lettuce, but you have to dig in very carefully in order to save the plant and not harm in without being aware of your mistake. Only in this way you will be able to feel proud you know how to grow leeks!

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