Nowadays it is not a secret anymore knowing how to grow lettuce. Even though you may not be one of those who already have a greenhouse, at least you will be able to plant it outdoors. We suggest you to give up planting the seeds into special trays and waiting for them to grow up, because it would be easier for you to put them right into compartmented packs. Our advice is to choose large pots in order to help the plants grow as much as they need.

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Put the seeds into a container and add some rim. Afterwards, make sure the mix is compact enough. Feel free to top up as long as you feel it is necessary. The compost is also useful in case you have some pots at hand. Add some water until you notice it is enough and leave the plants into a warm place where the rays of sun are able to reach. The amount of light the plant has, the bigger it will grow. Also the germination will be complete. This is an important step in learning how to grow lettuce, whether you do it outdoors or in pots.

Wait until the seedling are high enough and eliminate anything you think it may look unattractive. In case the seedlings have been kept into a glass, then it is absolutely necessary to do the hardening a few days before taking them out. You have to place them in a cold-frame and make sure you will not open it within two weeks.

You need to move the seedlings into a room full of sun and which is not too warm. Let them alone for one month and place them either in a cold frame or somewhere outdoors. Do it during the daylight and when the sun goes down, move them indoors. Keep a temperature that is more than 6 degrees and keep them away from the wind.

In order to sow the lettuce outdoors, you have to drain them, keep them into a soil that has enough humus and you can put some lime. You will also need compost particularly if you are doing it during autumn and winter. All in all, you’ve almost learned everything you needed to know about how to grow lettuce, a great addition to all summer meals.

Lettuce plants are known to be lovers of light, but they do not prefer too warm temperatures. Unfortunately, extreme ones are known to lead to the heating of the plants. In case you plant the seeds during summer, find a slowly shaded place.

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