More and more people nowadays start seeing the value of growing your own spices or medicinal plants, not just for their decorative value, but also because the food tastes much better if you use your own fresh thyme, cumin or basil. One of the plants that mankind has always found useful is mint, which is used in foods, deserts, beverages and even for medicinal purposes. What makes mint so special is that fresh flavor we love so much in our chewing gum or toothpaste. If you’ve decided you want to learn how to grow mint indoors or outdoors we’re going to give you a head-start by offering some tips and advice.

How to Grow Mint How to Grow Mint Pictures

The good news for those who want to learn how to grow mint is that it is quite an easy task and the plant’s growth process moves pretty fast; however, you need to be patient and wait for your mint’s leafs to grow big enough so you can use them for tea or cooking without leaving the plant naked. You could even choose to grow two or more mint plants, so that you’ll always find leafs big enough to make a couple of cups of tea. One other important aspect of learning how to grow mint is that it is much easier to do so by purchasing a plant that is already well-grown and which shows no signs of illness.

If you love a gardening challenge you can opt to grow from seeds, but we don’t recommended it to those who don’t have as much skill and patience for these things. This is especially valid for those who are just learning how to grow mint; so take your mint and plant it in a large enough pot, so it has room to grow big and leafy. The mint plant needs a lot of sun, so place it near or in front of a window where it can get sun for the better part of the day. You need to make sure that your plant doesn’t suffer from extremes, such as extreme heat or extreme cold, or that you don’t water it too little.

Mint needs a lot of moisture, so water it regularly and make sure the soil is never dry. Luckily, in most cases, you can revive a dried mint plant, because the two major causes for a dead mint plant is that it didn’t receive enough sunlight or enough water. When you want to multiply your mint plants, cut off a sprig that doesn’t have too many leaves and put it in a glass of water; a week later, the roots should be big enough for the new plants to be potted.

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