Nowadays it seems that eating properly has become a requirement in order to look perfect. But why did society take up such drastic measures? Well, there may be a simple answer, which obviously regards the need for feeling beautiful. As we all know, doing natural things are the ones which usually give us that perfect look we all crave for, regardless of age. In order to get a sneak peek concerning how to grow mushrooms, we present now to you the entire process of picking them up from your own garden:

How to grow mushrooms How to grow mushrooms pictures

First thing you need to take into consideration when deciding to learn how to grow mushrooms by your own is the location. We all know there are hundreds of poisoning vegetables like that, so you should better keep your eyes open and you attention focused on the site where your mushrooms are going to live for an undefined period of time. Still, in order to choose the perfect place, you need to ask your local nursery seller some questions about each type of mushroom you are purchasing, because they are different, and some may need special attention. In spite of their differences, mushrooms are based on one same condition: they need a cool, dark, damp place where they can easily grow without any interference.

Moving on to the next step, after choosing the place where your mushrooms will be growing, make sure that in their ‘childhood’ their home might be even your basement. Here, they will get the darkness and the moisture needed. Place the growing medium in a pan and raise its temperature to 70 degrees F. In these conditions, there’s no chance of failure and you don’t need experience to learn how to grow mushrooms. After three weeks, drop the temperature to about 55 degrees F and cover the spawn with potting soil of about one or two inches. In a couple of weeks you will see a cute and attractive mushroom rising from the soil. Still, the moment when you will be able to pick up your work will be shown by the caps which will be fully opened and separated from the stem.

The last but not the least tip you are ought to be in the known of in order to get a hundred percent healthy and natural mushroom concerns the flavor. Many home mushroom growers have said that these magnificent vegetables have a better taste when they are home grown, no matter in what conditions. Bon appetite!

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