The potato is one of the most consumed vegetables on the planet. There’s almost no person in the world who didn’t try it at least once in his live, so growing it in your own garden should be an advantage for anyone who wishes to save some money. As well as that, the process of how to grow potatoes is not a risky business, due to the fact that it is in fact, an easy one. These being said, the only thing left is a question on which you are ought to answer: are you looking to know more about how to grow potatoes? In case the answer is a positive one, stick with us and keep reading:

How to grow potatoes How to grow potatoes pictures

The first and most important thing you should know about potatoes is that they do not grow and multiply by seeds. Their method of multiplying is made of a particular variety of potato, whose name is the seed potatoe – yes, you read that correctly. From those potatoes, after they have been cut into pieces, each of them actually contains a portion from which a new potato will grow, if planted in the ground. As we have mentioned above, the process of how to grow potatoes is a simple and easy one, not a risky business or a headache for the one who has to do this job.

Still, there are some things that you should know about potatoes before hand planting them. There are two categories of this vegetable that are known as the new or red potatoes, which usually come across as having a round shape, red skin and white inside. These ones are softer than the other potatoes, especially if they are eaten fried. The other category covers the yellow potatoes that are more common and are known by most people. Unfortunately though, they don’t have the same soft composition, or the same taste.

What’s more, after deciding to grow potatoes in your own garden, make sure that as it is the first time, you will prepare their future home for them. Due to the fact that the plant will be about 15 inches under the ground, you should take into account applying compost all around the area you are about to plant the vegetables. Now, the choice is yours – will you stop spending your money on the things you can make by yourself, or not? Either way, the process of how to grow potatoes is not that hard. Break a leg!

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