Go to the local  nursery and ask for pumpkins. You can either get the plants or start sowing seeds them indoors. Make sure the temperature of the ground is 60 degrees F and make sure the climate conditions are right.

How to Grow Pumpkins How to Grow Pumpkins Pictures

You will have to look for a sunny place and a soil with a medium pH. It must be easily to drain and it would be useful for the plants to grow faster if you add some compost and manure. In order to get this done, you have to dig carefully and respect the instructions. This is important if you want to learn how to grow pumpkins that are good to eat as well, not just decorative ones.

Another task you must take into account is to protect the seedlings from frost. It means you have to make sure there is no danger for them before being moved from your house to the garden.

It’s important to maintain the same depth into the ground as the one they had when you took them out of the pots. As far as spacing is concerned, you should keep a distance of almost 5 feet between the seedlings.

After having done this, you have to move on to the organic matter section. In order to avoid the spreading of the weeds, you have to protect the pumpkins by adding moisture and row covers. These will keep the plants safe and will not allow the wind and the insects come to them.

The amount of water you add to the pumpkins is important as well. As a result, it is highly recommended to offer them at least one inch every seven days, particularly during the blooming period or the moment they start making fruits. The compost tea is important to be added every three weeks, so do not forget to take this important guideline into account. Of course, in case you might feel it is necessary to add it more frequently, feel free to do it more often.

As you could have already seen, you have already been able to learn how to grow pumpkins. The steps we have presented to you are simple and once you have managed to respect the guidelines once, you will love doing it in every season.

However, pay attention not to exaggerate with the compost and the water, because there could be some negative results as a response to your genuinely positive intentions. It is not difficult learning how to grow pumpkins, but it takes patience and interest in obtaining a rich and rewarding harvest.

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