Nowadays, it seems that more and more couples are breaking up. Still, there’s no wonder why – those little gifts have become more and more expensive as days went on. In this case, what else can we do in order to stop it? Well, we can for instance grow our own flowers. Does this spark an idea? If yes, keep reading to find out the process of how to grow roses:

First thing you need to have in mind when learning how to grow roses is that the supposition that roses are one of the hardest flowers to grow is fake. And we’ll now show you why – keep in mind that this process can be followed even by a beginner! Be sure you cut all the branches damaged, so that your new flowers will grow strong and healthy. Next, start fertilizes the roses from the start of the growing season to the early autumn. This period of time is more than enough for a precise growing. Some roses are types of spring flowers, so you have to make sure everything is ready for them to bloom in that period; other types however will bloom throughout summer and even beginning of autumn. This means that if you want roses in your garden all year round, you have to plant several types, so there is always a bush flowering.

How to grow roses How to grow roses pictures

As presented, roses are one of the most beautiful flowers and most women agree. Coming in colors of white, yellow, red, blue or orange, there is no way you can go wrong. Still. If you decide to grow your own roses, there are some conditions which have to be fulfilled. Be sure the site you are going to plant the bulbs have both sunlight and shadow, so that your roses won’t be damaged in the hot sunny days. Also, set the bulbs separately, with a perfect distance between each other so that their roots won’t meet. Moving on to the next step, when the roses are about to reach the ground, spraying them should begin to be a routine.  You don’t want to pick up some roses without leaves, so be sure you keep any damageable insects apart from your little children.

The last but not the least advice we have for you covers the picking up part. After the period of growing had passed, one important thing you need to take into consideration is to avoid the thorns. Be sure you wear a pair of thick gloves, so that your hands won’t be damaged. Also, in order to present the whole process of how to grow roses, don’t forget to water the flowers daily. It will assure you of getting one of the most beautiful roses you and your neighbors have ever seen! So, get your hands moving and start growing your own flowers.

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