It is a general misconception that tomatoes are vegetables, when in fact they are fruit. This explains why we use them or by-products of them in both regular food and desserts, and even make drinks and juice from them. In what follows we want to show you how easy it is to learn how to grow tomatoes. In a world where most our shopping is done at the supermarket, where there is no more diversity in produce, and industrial farmers use GEDs and other pesticides, one of the most frustrating experiences is not being able to find tasty tomatoes anymore. Whether you knew it or not, tomatoes can be easily grown indoors as well, in a hydroponic and aquaponic systems, but you can just grow them in a pot on your balcony as well. Here are some simple tomato gardening tips that will help you grow some juicy and delicious tomatoes:

How to grow tomatoes How to grow tomatoes pictures

In case you are wondering where to start your process of learning  how to grow tomatoes, we’ll let you know the first and easiest thing to do – go and purchase a packet of tomato seeds. Another alternative comes from the fact that you can remove the seeds from a tomato that you served at dinner! Be sure you rinse them well with water and after that let them dry. On the other hand, another thing you will have to do in order to fulfill the entire process of how to grow tomatoes is to fill some empty glasses of yogurt with some topsoil. Place a tomato seed in the middle of each cup mentioned above and after that tamp a shallow in the ground. In the end, remember to spray the ground easily.

Moving on to the next step, you will have to stick a label that’s clearly written on each cup and then place them on a windowsill on the beating sun. Those of you who are looking for effortless tomato gardening tips, might be disappointed since tomatoes require constant care. Check them daily by feeling the soil’s humidity and water them when necessary. While watering you will have to poor the adequate quantity in order not to drown them. At the end of the first week you should see a little green plant appearing. The last but not the least tip we have prepared for you in order to get a full understanding of the process of how to grow tomatoes is a sneak peek after about four weeks, the moment when you should have some small plants.

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