It will become an increasing concern for people to grow their own food, and mainly their own vegetables. As the Earth’s population keeps rising, the planet’s resources will no longer be enough to feed all of us. Currently, we are in a vicious cycle: in an attempt to offer lots of food – of the same quality – to more and more people, industrial farmers have left aside a very imporant aspect of resource renewal: diversity of produce and breed. When all farmers grow the same kind of potato, that breed will in time become more prone to pests, which in turn become more and more immune to pesticides. If we’re not careful, this will lead to a major crisis of food. This is why we need to go back to the basics and (re)learn how to grow vegetables.

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Learning how to grow vegetables is not only useful then, it is also a rewarding experience. In certain communities, the concept of community garden is no longer new. Neighbors gather on a specific plot and plant whatever vegetables or fruit they want to consume. They are not allowed to sell and make profit from them, as the land is usually offered by local authorities under the title of non-profit. So if you don’t have a yard for your own garden, you could try starting a project like this in your own neighborhood.

The very first thing you ought to know before doing anything is the types of vegetables you are going to grow. Be sure you add everything you need, and after the list is done, you can now go and pick the seeds needed from the store. In addition, in case you look deeper, you may find products at a more affordable price, helping you even with the saving of money! These being said, you can now start preparing the soil where your vegetables will grow in the future. Also, another thing over which you should keep an eye on are the instruction written on the back of the pockets of seeds, but still if you did not manage to get ones that fulfill it, you can search on the Internet – there are plenty of things you can do with that!

And now, you can start plant them. Make sure you make straight rows and that the plants will have sufficient space between them to grow. Find out how often each of them need watering, which prefer sun all day and which should stay more in the shade, and, just as important, what are the periods when each of them must be planted. Learning how to grow vegetables can be frustrating at first, but it always ends up in satisfaction.

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