Indoor plants have a lot of benefits for all homes. For starters, they are excellent natural purifiers. Furthermore, they adjust humidity levels and certain plants can even absorb unpleasant odors. Still, filling your home with indoor plants is no easy task. A lot of people might be compelled to buy commercial potting soil. While commercial varieties do a fair job in providing the proper amount of nutrients for indoor plants, you might also want to prepare your own potting soil. This endeavor sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Today we are going to teach you 5 steps to prepare soil for potting. The steps are very easy to follow. Furthermore, the resulted soil mixture is a lot more nurturing than commercial varieties and it comes a lot cheaper.

  • Gather your supplies

Potting soil is not a miraculous type of soil which naturally contains all the ingredients needed for growing healthy plants. This type of soil is merely a mixture of different soils and a few touches of special nutrients. The first thing you need to do is gather several types of soil. You will need raw composted garden soil, moistened peat moss and coarse river sand. The garden soil counts for five parts of the overall soil variety. The peat moss counts for three parts and the river sand counts for 2 parts. If your garden soil is too heavy, use more river sand in order to balance it.

How to Prepare Soil for Potting How to Prepare Soil for Potting picture
  • Lime or dolomite

In order for your potting soil to be balanced, you need to add one level teaspoon of lime for every 10 liter bucket of potting soil. The role of the lime is to balance the pH of the peat moss. The peat moss is a stable organic element yet its 4 pH need to be neutralized with either lime or dolomite. This is one of the most important things you do when you prepare soil for potting.

  • Complete plant food

For every 10 liter bucket of potting soil, you need to add one heaped teaspoon of complete plant food. The purpose of the plant food is to increase the overall nutrient value of the potting soil.

  • Stir

The homemade potting variety needs to be thoroughly stirred in order for all the nutrients and different types of soils to blend. If you don’t stir the soil properly, you may end up with a pot of soil which is too acid, too heavy or too dry.

How to Prepare Soil for Potting How to Prepare Soil for Potting picture
  • Storage

Since preparing potting soil is not the type of activity that you would enjoy doing every week, you might want to prepare a big batch that will last a long time. However, make sure that your batch is stored properly, protected from rain and direct sunlight.

Next time you are shopping for gardening supplies, avoid buying commercial potting soil. As you can see, it is very easy to follow these 5 steps to prepare soil for potting. This way, you will save money and you will be certain that your plants contain all the necessary nutrients.

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