Corn is one of the most popular cereals grown by man, and this is not just because it is so tasty and good for many uses, but also because it can yield big crops that feed the entire family. If you want to learn how to grow corn in your own garden, then you’ve made a great decision. Not only will you be extremely pleased with having your own sweet, delicious corn, but it will also embellish your vegetable garden and make it look homey and endearing. This cereal has been part of our domesticated lives for more than 4,000 years, so we must give it due respect for getting us through harsh winters, drought times, feeding us and our animals.

How to Grow Corn How to Grow Corn Pictures

Before learning how to grow corn you must first decide what type of corn you prefer; if you want it for personal consumption and not just for show, then you might like to opt for a super sweet strain, but you can also pick a standard type, with cornier taste. However, make sure that the type of corn you want to grow has a good history in your area, or that it is possible for it to thrive there without problems. The same can be said about popcorn, if you want to grow it exclusively or next to your normal corn.

One of the essential things you need to know about how to grow corn is that it doesn’t do so well in cold temperatures, so you need to make sure the weather is warm enough and the soil is not frosted before planting it. This cereal is not easily transferable, so try to avoid, if you can, planting them indoors until the weather is permissive enough; it is better to wait and plant them directly in your garden, and if the soil seems to hard you can cover it with a plastic sheet and it will soften in a few days.

How much corn you can grow is entirely up to you, but it is firstly dependant on the size of the space you can allocate for it. Another important thing about how to grow corn is that the seeds can be planted one inch deep if you do it at the beginning of spring and two inches deep if you do it during the summer. Sweet corn has lower percentages of success, so you can safely plant two or three seeds in the same spot, about ten inches apart from other seed spots. Make sure they have a lot of nutrients and you’re on the right track with your delicious corn!

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