28 May

Creating an outdoor kitchen can turn out to be a very good investment that will considerably increase the value of your home. Read our article and see how you can design a relaxation area that will offer you many benefits and great fun moments with your loved ones.

05 Apr

The way your lawn looks is influenced by the way you care for it and if it doesn't have a healthy and strong green color, you most likely are doing something wrong. To make sure your lawn will look perfectly, in this article you will find some useful lawn maintenance tips that guarantee a healthy and beautiful lawn throughout the year.

22 Feb

Take advantage of your back garden and the privacy it offers and turn it into a wonderful relaxation space for you, your family and friends. Whether you choose to turn it into a sleeping area, a pool or a vegetable garden where you can practice your gardening, you will definitely enjoy the space created.

11 Jan

Finding a good outdoor infrared heater is harder than finding an indoor one, because it has to face cold temperatures and to assure a proper warming regardless the weather conditions. To help you discover which models are efficient, safe and economical, here are some reviews of the best patio infrared heaters available on the market.

02 Oct

The Halloween party is an opportunity for people to have fun with their friends and display their most interesting and inspired Halloween costumes. If this year it's your turn to organize the Halloween party but you don't know where to start and what you have to do, this article will clear you the steps in organizing a great garden party.

23 May

If you want to grow your own spices, condiments and herbs, then you should start with basic ones, that almost every cuisine uses; therefore, we propose to you learning how to grow garlic.

15 May

Here are all the benefits that you can get by choosing to improve your outdoor kitchen. Buying the best integrated dishwasher for this special place will motivate you to prepare even more delicious dinners for your family. Furthermore, making some delicious desserts using fruits from your own garden will help you enjoy some great outdoor dinners.

18 Apr

If you think that the patio can be enjoyed only during the warm season, you might want to check out the benefits of infrared heaters. This type of heating devices are a great way of enjoying your patio, regardless of the weather conditions.