Planting trees is an amazing activity that can help you relax and enjoy a nice time in the nature. However, parks are not the only places where you can plant trees. Your garden certainly will look better if you would turn to this measure as a way to improve its aspect. Furthermore, you can use this method to create a shady area where you can rest with your family during the summer. Therefore, you won’t longer have to build a belfry, because installing a bench under a tree will be enough to achieve the same results.

Top 5 Tips for Planting Trees in Your Garden Top 5 Tips for Planting Trees in Your Garden picture

Although it might seem a difficult task, planting trees is a fun activity that doesn’t imply making big efforts to achieve the best results. Here are five tips that will help you regarding this matter:

  • ┬áIf you have a large yard, you can opt for classic trees like peaches, apples, and pears, but remember to plant them at least eight feet apart, because only that way they will be able to grow. If you have a small property, you can go for citrus trees or berry bushes to enhance the way your garden looks.
  • One of the most important things that you must consider is the pollination, because if there aren’t any birds and bees to help in the pollination process, you will end up with nothing but flowers and blooms. So, you must opt for trees that are self-pollinating, such as a peaches, nectarines, and orange and lemon trees. Furthermore, you can consider planting two trees in different varieties which can grow fruits by cross-pollinating. Apples, plums, pears and citrus trees are just a few of the cross-pollinating plants.
Top 5 Tips for Planting Trees in Your Garden Top 5 Tips for Planting Trees in Your Garden picture
  • Depending on the type of tree that you decide to have in your garden, you must find out which is the best time to plant it. If you plant it too close to winter, you expose it to the risk of a frost killing it, and if you plant it too close to summer, it might not be able to soak up enough water. So, we advise you to check with your local nursery to find out more details.
  • Fertilization and watering your plants are also aspects that you might want to consider. Banana peels and egg shells are just a few of the natural fertilizers that you can use in order to improve your soil.
  • Remember to protect your plants from bugs because they can have a negative impact on their evolution. Planting trees involves taking care of them after they grow as well, so you must search for the best insect powders in order to allow them to develop as they should.

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