There are many types of natural fertilizer that you can use in order to create a garden with lush foliage and bountiful blooms. Furthermore, if you offer your plants the food they need, you will end up having a garden with an abundance of fruit and vegetables, so pay attention to this aspect in order to achieve the best results.

The first thing that you must keep in mind is not turning to chemicals to make your garden grow, because this method is not a safe one. Some of the fertilizers that come from laboratories are toxic and they can affect the quality of your vegetables. Moreover, they can make your garden grow very fast without allowing the fruits and vegetables to develop the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. So, when you will eat your favorite salad your body won’t receive any of the elements that it needs to function.

Types of Natural Fertilizer You Can Add to Your Garden Types of Natural Fertilizer You Can Add to Your Garden picture

Banana peels contain a high level of potassium which works miracles for roses. Therefore, all you have to do is put one or two peels in the hole where you are planning to plant your flowers, because that way they will decompose naturally and they will serve as a fertilizer for the soil. Vegetables can also enjoy the same advantages, so you can adopt this measure for them as well.

Coffee grounds are great for the plants that need acid in order to grow. Blueberries, tomatoes, azaleas and roses are just a few of the greenery that need nitrogen for a better development. So, you can sprinkle coffee grounds on top of the soil before watering it, or you can pour a liquid version on top of the ground around the plants by mixing the coffee with water.

Types of Natural Fertilizer You Can Add to Your Garden Types of Natural Fertilizer You Can Add to Your Garden picture

Using manure as a natural fertilizer can seem like an unpleasant task, but this method delivers great results. It represents an organic plant food that comes from cows, horses, pigs or sheep. This fertilizer is so effective that many companies have started to commercialize it, and that is why you can be confident that it represents one of the best ways to improve your garden. However, if you think that applying manure to your plants is a smelly undertaking, you can opt for other ways to achieve the same results.

Egg shells and fish emulsions are great solutions when it comes to finding a natural fertilizer for your garden. The calcium and the nitrogen that they feature are two components that will improve the quality of the soil, so you will be able to grow plants that are more healthy and nourishing.

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