• Enjoy Your Patio During the Cold Season

    If you think that the patio can be enjoyed only during the warm season, you might want to check out the benefits of infrared heaters. This type of heating devices are a great way of enjoying your patio, regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Simple Tips on How to Grow Roses

    If you are looking for a simple solution to beautifying your garden, then you may want to learn how to grow roses, which come in a wide variety of breeds and colors, and which can be easy to grow.

  • Basic Advice about How to Grow Vegetables

    It may become more important than we think for all of us to learn how to grow vegetables, because he increasing population will make it difficult to provide enough food for everyone.

28 May

Creating an outdoor kitchen can turn out to be a very good investment that will considerably increase the value of your home. Read our article and see how you can design a relaxation area that will offer you many benefits and great fun moments with your loved ones.

05 Apr

The way your lawn looks is influenced by the way you care for it and if it doesn't have a healthy and strong green color, you most likely are doing something wrong. To make sure your lawn will look perfectly, in this article you will find some useful lawn maintenance tips that guarantee a healthy and beautiful lawn throughout the year.

10 Mar

A water filtration system is designed to remove harmful particles and contaminants from your water. It is therefore important to invest in a good quality filtration system for your home and garden. If you are trying to find out which are the best whole house and garden filtration systems, take a look at these two practical and efficient water filters.

22 Feb

Take advantage of your back garden and the privacy it offers and turn it into a wonderful relaxation space for you, your family and friends. Whether you choose to turn it into a sleeping area, a pool or a vegetable garden where you can practice your gardening, you will definitely enjoy the space created.

11 Jan

Finding a good outdoor infrared heater is harder than finding an indoor one, because it has to face cold temperatures and to assure a proper warming regardless the weather conditions. To help you discover which models are efficient, safe and economical, here are some reviews of the best patio infrared heaters available on the market.

16 Dec

There are plenty of snow blowers available for purchase, some with more features and some with less and it is very hard for customers to know what they should look for in a snow blower and which are the features that make a model truly efficient. To help you decide over the best model for you, this article details what makes a good snow blower.

26 Nov

Do you know what are the types of snow blowers available on the market? There are three big technologies available out there - single stage electric powered, single stage gas powered and two stage gas powered. The first ones are the lightest and the least inexpensive while the last ones are the heaviest and the most expensive.

17 Nov

Learning how to grow Aloe Vera is not difficult at all as long as you understand that you must tend to it differently in summer than during winter; whereas in the cold season it only needs a bit of water from time to time, it is good to keep it well watered during the season, especially when you think that it consists of 95% water.

15 Nov

Some of the more important aspects of learning how to grow celery are that the seedlings are difficult to handle so they must be mixed with sand before potting, that they require a lot of nutrients once planted in the garden, a lot of sun and, most essentially, a lot of water daily, otherwise they taste badly.

02 Nov

One of the downsides of learning how to grow blueberries is that they only start yielding fruit in their third year of life and you can only take full advantage of that in the sixth year; however, until then, you can enjoy their decorative qualities, because these shrubs make beautiful white flowers in summer and their leaves turn bright red in autumn.

29 Oct

You should think about learning how to grow your own vegetables, such as how to grow cucumbers, a vegetable that is used in cuisine, healthy lifestyle methods and even beauty treatments; growing them is easy and fun, but mostly delicious!

06 Oct

Find out how to grow peppers, these wonderful and versatile vegetables that can be consumed with pleasure raw, or cooked in a million delicious ways, in all their forms: green, yellow or red.

02 Oct

The Halloween party is an opportunity for people to have fun with their friends and display their most interesting and inspired Halloween costumes. If this year it's your turn to organize the Halloween party but you don't know where to start and what you have to do, this article will clear you the steps in organizing a great garden party.

02 Oct

Read this article and find out two important methods that teach you how to grow grass; from now on, you will be able to pride yourself in a great front lawn as well, and thus make your home much better.

25 Sep

If you want to learn how to grow a vegetable that is very healthy, and which is indeed much better when grown at home, then you should consider learning how to grow broccoli, a less favored vegetable, but a very important one.

19 Sep

If you want to grow some vegetables that are hearty and versatile, you should think about learning how to grow pumpkins, because there are many varieties, and you can cook both meals and desserts with them.

22 Aug

Learning how to grow herbs is quite easy, because most of them are not pretentious and can even be potted together in some cases; read on to find out more about planting and using various herbs.

21 Aug

It is quite easy to learn how to grow peas, you just have to know about a few characteristics that pea beanstalks have, about what type of soil they prefer, how much water they need and when they should be planted.

06 Aug

One of the important things you must know about how to grow onions is that you can get better results if you use sets instead of seeds and that if you prepare their soil in the autumn, you can plant them as soon as February if the soil is soft enough and temperatures don’t fall below zero every night.

31 Jul

Potatoes were first discovered in South America, where they are still a main source of food for local populations; however, navigators and tradesmen brought them to other corners of the world, thus becoming one of the most popular edible roots.